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         How do I obtain tender form?

         The tender form can be downloaded from and also

         obtained from the Provisioning Branch of HQr IG BSF PB on payment of necessary

         fee after the tenders are published.

         Who has been awarded order for supply of a particular item?

          Information regarding placement of supply order to a particular firm will be available on

          web site immediately after issue of the supply order.

          From where do I get specification for supply of particular item?

         The specification for supply of items will generally be mentioned in the tender paper. In

         case  the  specifications  are  not  mentioned,  the reference number/code number of the

         booklet of the specifications issued by  DGS&D  will be mentioned in the tender paper.

         This booklet can be obtained from DGS&D.

        What is life of a particular item?

          The life of each item has been specified by Govt. of India and the same is available in

          the BSF Manual Vol-7 of FHQ (Prov Dte) BSF New Delhi.


          Who is entitled for treatment at this Hospital?

Serving personnel of any Central ParamilitaryForce (BSF / CRPF / CISF / ITBP / ASSAM RIFLES / SSB / NSG / SPG), and their dependants are entitled to all facilities available at BSF Composite Hospital, Jalandhar. There are some funds ear-marked for purchase of medicines for retired BSF personnel and their dependants provided these retired personnel do not draw Rs 100/- as Medical allowance along with their pension.


         What changes have been incorporated after this hospital has been up-graded from Base

         Hospital to Composite Hospital?

The authorization of Specialists and facilities has markedly been increased. As soon as all specialists as authorized are appointed and all facilities become available the advantages of up-grading this hospital will become more apparent. Even now, one would notice, on referring to the Specialties and Facilities Available column that many improvements have already been brought about.

Why do we have to sometimes procure some medicines from the local market and why cannot all medicines be made available in this hospital itself?

It is only due to the dedicated attention of BSF Medical set-up that such a wide variety of medicines and services are made available routinely inside the hospital itself. One may compare BSF Hospitals with the State Government and other Central Government Hospitals and note the big difference in availability of medicines free of cost here, though other Govt Hospitals have much larger budgetary allocations for medicines.  Short expiry, poor availability in the market of some medicines, refusal by certain firms to supply small quantities of medicines on Govt terms and conditions, unforeseen excessive demand for the same medicine etc are some of the reasons for unavailability of certain medicines in this hospital. In case some medicines are unavailable in the dispensary the patient must first contact the treating doctor for any replacement and if even that is not possible, reimbursement of bills can be claimed after procuring the medicines from the market on payment.

Why have I gained weight after coming to Punjab? What do I do to reduce weight?

There are different reasons for gaining weight including genetics, diet habits, life style, age changes and even infections and diseases. It is important to be conscious about ones weight and not blame the environment and ignore the weight gain. In case one is gaining excessive weight it is best to consult a doctor and strictly adhere to the doctors advice. There are no short cuts or magic formulae to reduce weight.

How often should I get my blood sugar levels and lipid profile tested?

Every person above thirty years of age should routinely get all his biochemical parameters checked once in every five years. Persons with a strong genetic predilection / family history or obesity or frequent illnesses must consult his doctor for the frequency and battery of tests he must undergo. As for those with diagnosed metabolic diseases the doctors would advise very frequent testing of these levels and it is advisable to strictly adhere to the treating doctorsí advice.

There are so many mosquitoes in the locality I live. Will I get Malaria?

Mosquitoes are a nuisance even if one does not get Malaria. One can get Dengu which is equally or even more disabling. Cooperate with the local Municipal authorities in avoiding stagnant water collections, garbage disposal and maintaining good hygiene and sanitation practices.  The Anophles mosquito is lesser seen in Jalandhar and therefore Malaria is less common.

What is the risk of my getting AIDS?

The risk of getting AIDS cannot be quantified exactly for any one person. In view of India being the country with the largest number of AIDS patients every one of us must strive to prevent its spread. It is very important for one to be fully aware about AIDS, how HIV spreads and the usefulness of Condoms in AIDS prevention. Safe sex, Abstinence from Drugs, Seeking treatment at only Government recognized Health Care centres and being full aware about AIDS are all that is expected of the general public to fight AIDS.

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