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            Border Security Force was raised in 1st Dec 1965 as the first line of defence to guard Western and Eastern Frontiers of India. The Western Frontier was initially comprised of Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujrat.  Few selected Armed Police Battalions such as Punjab armed police, Rajasthan armed constabulary and Madhaya Pradesh State Armed Force were embodied to form the nucleus of Border Security Force. The newly embodied units were deployed on the International Borders of Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat state. Headquarters of the Western Frontier of BSF was located at Jalandhar, Punjab. The first Inspector General of the newly created Western Frontier was Sh Ashwani Kumar, IP.
            The Western Frontier was further bifurcated into Punjab and R&G Frontiers. This Frontier has been commanded by following IsG till date.

Sl. No. Name of the IG'S From To
1. Sh Ashwani Kumar, IP 07-11-1971 24-05-1973
2. Sh P A Rosha, IPS 25-05-1973 28-02-1974
3. Sh Ranjit Singh, IPS 01-03-1974 31-08-1974
4. Sh Birbal Nath, IPS 01-09-1974 10-05-1980
5. Sh C K Sawhney, IPS 08-11-1980 29-09-1982
6. Sh O P Bhutani, IPS 30-09-1982 09-03-1983
7. Sh J K Balani, IPS 10-03-1983 25-08-1983
8. Sh B K Tripathi , IPS 25-08-1983 15-01-1985
9. Sh H K Bhatnagar, IPS 18-05-1985 19-05-1987
10. Sh Prakash Singh, IPS 19-05-1987 12-06-1990
Sh Prakash Singh, IPS(ADG) 12-06-1990 16-03-1991
11. Sh S N Mishra , IPS(ADG) 22-03-1991 26-06-1992
12. Sh P C Dogra , IPS 27-06-1992 14-01-1993
13. Sh T Correya, IPS 15-01-1993 31-05-1996
14. Sh A S Aulakh, IPS 29-10-1996 28-10-2001
15. Sh Dalip Trivedi, IPS 03-12-2001 14-03-2002
16. Sh S N Jain, IPS 15-03-2002 18-05-2003
17. Sh G S Gill, IPS 06-06-2003 10-08-2005
18. Sh. R. S Dalal, IPS 12-09-2005 12-05-2006
19. Sh Arvind Ranjan, IPS 19-08-2006 12-02-2008
20. Sh Himmat Singh, IPS 20-02-2008 06-07-2011
Sh Himmat Singh, IPS(ADG) 07-07-2011 28-10-2011
21. Sh Aditya Mishra, IPS 28-10-2011 16-08-2013
22. Sh Ajay Kumar Tomar, IPS 17-08-2013 27-06-2014
23. Sh Ashok kumar, IPS 01-07-2014 30-11-2014
23. Sh Anil Paliwal, IPS 15-12-2014 23-12-2016
23. Sh Mukul Goel, IPS 02-01-2017

            First Sector of Punjab Frontier was raised on 1st Dec 1965 with its HQ at Jalandhar.  10 Battalions of PAP which were embodied into BSF were deployed on International Border of Punjab  w.e.f  2nd Oct 1966.
            The gallant Officers and men of this Frontier participated in 1971 war with Pakistan and gave a glorious account of courage, valour and sacrifice. By dauntless courage and bravery, they captured 08 Border Out Posts and occupied 91 Sq Miles of Pak territory including 06 villages on its own. BSF fought shoulder to shoulder with Indian Army and captured 34 BOPs and occupied 246.75 Sq Miles of Pak territory besides seizure of large quantity of arms and amn.  The daring and brave acts of the BSF officers and men were highly appreciated by the than Prime Minister Late Smt Indira Gandhi, senior Officers of Defence Services and the grateful nation. The Govt of India honoured the gallant officers and men of BSF with Medals for gallantry in recognition of their acts of valour and sacrifice in the service of the nation. The list of proud winner of gallantry Medals is mentioned below:-

Rank Name Medal Awarded Location
AC Sh R K Wadhwa MVC(Posthumously) Mamdot
SI Ajeet Singh Vir Chakra Ajnala
HC Mohinder Singh Vir Chakra(Posthumously) Amritsar
HC Darshan Singh Sena Medal Ajnala
HC Lal Mashi Sena Medal Ajnala
NK Dewan Singh Sena Medal Ajnala
NK Chandan Singh Sena Medal Amritsar
CT Balbir Singh President police Medal
for gallantry

              The area of responsibility of the Punjab Frontier is generally plain. However at many places the terrain is interspersed with rivers and canals. The major rivers flowing through the border areas are Ravi, Beas and Sutlej, thereby a large chunk of the border belt is riverine in nature.

              To meet the exigencies of the operational and logistic commitments, following assets have been placed at the disposal of Punjab Frontier:-

              A state of art subsidiary training centre has been established in Punjab to meet the current and futuristic training needs of BSF. The subsidiary training centre is responsible for imparting basic training to the recruits besides running various courses and cadres.

              For effectively guarding riverine areas, the Water Wing was created with its HQ at Jalandhar. Water Wing assists BSF troops in negotiating rivers, creeks and streams. Water Wing actively participates in disaster management. Water Wing also plays a crucial role in border domination efforts of Border Security Force. The Water Wing staff has earned the prestigious President 's police Medal for life saving for their daring actions during natural calamities. Water Wing is also imparting training to GD personnel in swimming, rowing and boat handling.

              Large tracts of the International border of this frontier are covered with thick Elephant Grass (Sarkanda). The tall and thick Elephant Grass hinders visibility and negotiability in the border areas. To overcome this problem, a Mounted Wing was raised during Jan 1967. Since then, this Wing had been actively involved in border domination. This Wing had also participated in various National and International events and has won many laurels and medals.

              Punjab border has always been favorite target for infiltration of terrorists, Arms, Ammunition and Contraband goods from across the border. To overcome this problem, a fence was erected on India's border with Pakistan, to check cross border terrorists movement. This border fencing has been illuminated with border fencing lights (BFL) so that complete border of Punjab is illuminated throughout the night and trans-border activities are kept under watch.


Frontier HQ Border Security Force

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